ED 431 Assignment: Podcasts

*** Please note that my ED 431 course requires us to post our assignments in draft form for classmates to provide feedback. The following entry is a draft. I encourage all criticisms of content or style. Thank you!*** Assignment: Create 3 brief “podcast” episodes for teachers inspired by specific chapters in the course textbook, The World is Open (Bonk). My podcast episodes are part of an ongoing series I made up called Tech Ed Tidbit. With the motto, “Helping you Continue reading ED 431 Assignment: Podcasts

My first MOOC

Last fall I first heard of these massive open online courses (or MOOCs) that are becoming popular (thank you to Owen Guthrie for enlightening me). A MOOC allows anyone with internet access and interest to join courses, often taught by university faculty, at no cost. As the “massive” part implies, these open enrollment courses can have tens of thousands of participants. This month my Instructional Design instructor, Carol Gering, reported on the major themes she observed at this year’s EduCause Continue reading My first MOOC