Participatory Storytelling

The Participatory Storytelling Experience For this unit, my classmates, instructor, and I engaged in a group storytelling endeavor using Twitter. We each contributed additions to the story one tweet at a time, and were therefore given just 132 characters (8 characters were reserved for the official story hashtag). No one could post 2 consecutive tweets. Our instructor provided the initial tweet as a story-starter and off we went! We tweeted open invitations for anyone following us to participate in the Continue reading Participatory Storytelling

ED 432 Assignment: Screen Capture

Assignment: Create 3 text-based tutorials with screen captures for computer-related tasks. I used a free program called TinyTake to take and mark the screen captures (or screenshots). It was quick and easy to download, install, learn, and use. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My one complaint about it is related to revising previously taken, edited, and saved screenshots. You can open them up in TinyTake again but you can’t move or remove markings made previously. This is due Continue reading ED 432 Assignment: Screen Capture

ED 432 Assignment: Video Creation & Editing

Assignment: Create 3 brief, related instructional videos. Include music, a title, a still, narration, and video in each. When I began this assignment, I wondered why on earth we needed to do three of these videos. Quality video creation takes much, much longer than you would think when you are viewing the complete version. Scripting, story boarding, recording, creating stills, editing, and putting together all of the elements — it all takes time. I took an video and audio creation/editing Continue reading ED 432 Assignment: Video Creation & Editing