ED 653 Assignment: Accessible Learning Object

You may also view the original post with my classmates’ comments on the ED 653 Course Website.

“Create one page of text and graphics or one multimedia element that fits within your online learning module… Write an accompanying explanation to substantiate how your design addresses issues of accessibility.”

You may view my accessible video on YouTube using this link: http://youtu.be/RalX_r9ss1E

In an effort to adhere to principles of universal design, I designed this video to utilize open captioning, reduce distractions, and include descriptive video.

I elected to do open captions rather than closed captions for my video because I like the idea of making multimedia more accessible to all through universal design. Individuals with both the ability to hear and tools needed for sound (speakers or headphones) may still choose to read either while they listen or instead of listening. Another factor in my decision was the way YouTube displayed the closed captions over the video itself, which was difficult to read at times and made it difficult to see some important visuals.

To reduce distractions, I did not include music, fancy transitions, or panning and zooming (these did not appear to be essential in this particular video — if they were, I would have used them minimally). I also was careful to align the captions to the audio so they would not be distracting for hearing learners but instead might them in maintaining focus and retaining information as the content would be presented simultaneously in two modes.

Lastly, I incorporated the use of audio descriptions to narrate what was seen in the video (creating descriptive video). For example, I read the titles of the articles and books out loud so that just listening to the video without the visuals would allow a student to get the same concepts as a student who watches it.

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