ED 653 Assignment: Screencast (Boolean Operators)

You may also view the original post with my classmates’ comments on the ED 653 Course Website.

“Create a brief (~5 min) instructional video or screencast. Be purposeful! Select a learning activity from your strategy map that suits this type of media.”

You may view my video on YouTube here.

A few things to note… First, I made this using Camtasia. I am fortunate to have institutional access to the program while on campus at UAA. I’ve made screencasts in the past and even have some experience using Camtasia. However, the process still took a lot of time and patience as it seemed like I had to re-learn all the details. Those of you who have read my tool evaluation paper know that I explored Camtasia along with a few other screencast tools. I appreciated Camtasia’s robustness but boy did I long for the simplicity of other tools!

Second, please keep in mind the context of the video. I throw out some jargon and gloss over some concepts because my students are already familiar with those before they watch this video. I am only introducing Boolean operators here.

Third, I wish I had more time! I spent so much in the learning of (and fighting with?) the tool that I didn’t get to spend quite as much as I would have liked on the content. I really wanted to add some of my humor for the sake of building my social presence for students by adding in humorous diagrams in several places. But alas, I ran out of time. Hopefully I keep it engaging enough without those added bits.

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