Beginning a new class: Fundamentals of Media Design (ED 432)

I am just beginning my fourth class in the M.Ed. ONID program, Fundamentals of Media Design (ED 432). This required course provides us the opportunity to learn how to design and create photographs, videos, screen captures and screen casts. Though I have experience working with each medium, I am excited to create media objects that are relevant to my current program and career path. I am also sure to learn new things about media creation.

I have taken a workshop on photography so I understand the basics coming in to this course. Though I know the principles, I haven’t spent much time practicing them. My hope in this course is to exercise my ability to think like an artist as well as learn new tools. In that vein, I will be using my iPhone to take and edit photographs. Sure, I’ve taken a lot of pictures on my iPhone but they have been simple snapshots and not carefully and artistically composed. My hope is to learn to effectively use a tool that is readily available to me and has no additional cost (well, except perhaps a few dollars for apps). I feel this will also be helpful in determining the value of such tools for student use in my future classes.

For videos, I have experience creating them using professional video (and audio) recording and editing equipment through a media course I took years ago. I also have personal experience making basic videos with a personal camcorder, though I’ve not done much editing of those aside from simple cuts. Like the photographs, I plan to use my iPhone to both record and, using an app, edit video.

I’ve created many screen captures (written tutorial guides with screen shots) over the years. I plan to explore new tools for creating such guides as I have only used Microsoft Word in the past.

For screen casts, I look forward to gaining additional experience using Camtasia. Though I’ve make several screen casts, the more I practice, the faster I become. I hope to use features within the software that I haven’t yet.

Check back for blog posts for each of these assignments as I create them!

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