In 2012, I began taking classes that are part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design program (see 2012-2013 catalog description of program). When I started, I wasn’t sure whether I just wanted to take a couple classes to bolster my experience and resume or if I wanted to pursue a second master’s. Before completing my second class, I knew I wanted in to the program. I was formally admitted in Summer 2013. As stated on its website, this program “equips graduates to create and facilitate meaningful learning experiences for the online environment.”

After taking a year off of the program following the birth of my son, I am resumed classes in January 2016. My current plan is to graduate at the end of Spring or Summer 2017, though that timeline will remain flexible to accommodate life!

You may explore the courses I have taken so far, including syllabi and assignments completed, using the following links.

Online Pedagogy
ED 655 (Elective)
Fall 2012

Instructional Design
ED 653 (Elective)
Spring 2013

Web 2.0 Fundamentals
ED 431 (Required course)
Summer 2013

Media Design
ED 432 (Required course)
Fall 2013

Introduction to Applied Social Science Research
ED 601 (Required course)
Spring 2014

Current Issues in Educational Technology
ED 650 (Required course)
Fall 2014

Digital Storytelling
ED 677 (Elective)
Spring 2016

Digital Citizenship
ED 654 (Elective)
Summer 2016

In addition to the above listed courses, I will need to complete the following to earn my degree:

  • A cross-cultural foundations course (of the 6 options, I prefer either “Culture, Cognition and Knowledge Acquisition” or “Education and Socioeconomic Change”)
  • 1 additional elective course (likely electives are ED 676 Supporting Learners in Diverse Systems; a UAS EDET 6XX course; and/or UAA’s EDFN 654 Brain, Mind, and Education)
  • Complete a comprehensive exam

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