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For this assignment, we were tasked with teaming up to work together on revising statements on group work communication in an effort to develop a list of things we could all agree on. Linnea, Sarah, Valerie, and I met in a Google Hangout and developed these revised statements.

We had the option to create an additional product if we wanted to. Rather than attempt to create an infographic together, we decided that one person in the group could take our work linked above and develop a infographic with it. I decided to take on that extra duty for a make and share assignment. You will find the text of the infographic to be a bit different than the original wording the group agreed on. I took the liberty of combining items 1 and 4 because they largely overlap. I edited other sentences to make them shorter, and therefore better for an infographic, while maintaining their essence.

I created the following infographic in Canva, a graphic design tool I’ve not used before that was recommended by a classmate. I found the online tool to be easy to use with an impressive selection of images and options available for free. I will gladly turn to Canva for my graphic needs in the future!

Below this infographic you will find a text version for accessibility.

 Successful Group Work infographic

Successful Group Work: Essential Contributing Factors

  1. Of the many goals a group may have, the most important is to complete the task at hand.
  2. Groups are most productive when a leader steps forward to run meetings and allocate tasks.
  3. Members should do everything possible to attend scheduled group meetings on time.
  4. Members should respectfully engage in constructive criticism when appropriate.
  5. Resolving conflicts in a professional manner helps prevent escalation and group dysfunction.
  6. Groups should strive for consensus on decisions. If not possible, majority rule or leader’s direction is acceptable.
  7. Group members should be held accountable for the contributions to the group.
  8. Groups should be evaluated as a whole, as individuals, or a combination based on learning objectives.

6 Replies to “Make & Share: Group Work Infographic”


  2. I like the combinations you’ve made and the rephrasing, though the last item becomes a bit slippery…kind of a yes, no, sometimes, maybe 🙂 But that’s whats required, I think to get some consensus on that most troubling aspect of group work. The interesting thing to me is that you subverted that very issue by using the group product for “points” in another form anyway. Nice touch.

    It sounds like you rate Canva pretty highly compared to some of the other tools you’ve used and/or you’ve seen used in the class?

  3. You should start calling you D’Arcy Dyn-no-mite after this, haha. Good work indeed. Tammi and I are currently at work on ours and I think this work of yours will inform how we do our’s a little bit. I wasn’t aware that such an info-graph engine existed. Now I do, which is awesome. Good thinking on the whole wrapping it into a make-and-share assignment idea. Clever, that.

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