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I started creating this directory for my own reference. I like to see how other institutions have approached making similar tutorials to whatever I am working on. It occurred to me that others might also be interested in knowing who is using Guide on the Side (GotS) software and how — so I am sharing my personal list with you.

I’ve also included a bibliography of some works on GotS — peer-reviewed articles, blog posts, conference presentations, videos, and more.

Though I would like these to be comprehensive lists, they certainly aren’t. If you know of other institutions using the tool or other articles or presentations on it, please let me know!

Institutions Using GotS

Arizona State University (Arizona)

Brandeis University (Massachusetts)

Buffalo State University (New York)

Butler University (Indiana)

California State University San Marcos (California)

Christopher Newport University (Virginia)

College of DuPage (Illinois)

DePauw University (Indiana)

Drexel University (Pennsylvania)

Duke University (North Carolina)

East Carolina University (North Carolina)

Electronic Library for Minnesota (Minnesota)

Fenway Libraries Online (Massachusetts)

George Mason University (Virginia)

Georgia Gwinnett College (Georgia)

Georgia Institute of Technology/Georgia Tech (Georgia)

Georgia State University (Georgia)

Goshen College (Indiana)

Grace College (Indiana)

Hofstra University (New York)

Howard University (Washington, DC)

Hunter College (New York)

Johnson County Community College (Kansas)

Longwood University (Virginia)

Louisiana State University (Louisiana)

Macalester College (Minnesota)

Manchester University (Indiana)

Marian University (Indiana)

Milligan College (Tennessee)

National Networks of Libraries of Medicine (Utah)

North County Library System (New York)

Northeast State Community College (Tennessee)

Pioneer Library System (Oklahoma)

Portland State University (Oregon)

Purdue University (Indiana)

Queensborough Community College (New York)

Sacramento City College (California)

San Jose State University (California)

Santa Rosa Junior College (California)

Simmons College (Massachusetts)

Skyline College (California)

Southern Illinois University (Illinois)

St. Patrick’s Seminary & University (California)

Tusculum College (Tennessee)

Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands)

University of Alabama (Alabama)

University of Alaska Anchorage (Alaska)

University of Alaska Fairbanks (Alaska)

University of Arizona (Arizona)

University of California, Merced (California)

University of California, Santa Cruz (California)

University of Cincinnati (Ohio)

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (Colorado)

University of Maryland (Maryland)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Nebraska)

University of New Mexico (New Mexico)

University of Notre Dame (Indiana)

University of St. Francis (Indiana)

University of Texas at Austin (Texas)

University of Toronto (Canada)

University of Utah (Utah)

University of Vermont (Vermont)

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (Wisconsin)

University of Wisconsin La Crosse (Wisconsin)

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (Wisconsin)

Utah State University (Utah)

Victor Valley College (California)

Villanova University (Pennsylvania)

Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri)

Western Michigan University (Michigan)

Western Washington University (Washington)

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