On Infographics and Accessibility

My Infographic in Venngage Though I did not make this infographic for this class (I created it in October 2015), I wanted to share it here now for my Digital Citizenship classmates to see. It is certainly relevant to our unit/collection 3 explorations as it argues for open educational resources (materials with Creative Commons licenses). Since others have been making infographics, I thought you might like to see one from Venngage. As Rebecca Missler points out in a comment on Continue reading On Infographics and Accessibility

Make and Share: How D’Arcy Got Involved

For this Make and Share, I decided to make a cartoon depicting the catalyst for my becoming involved in supporting Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the Alaska Democratic Party. I downloaded the Toontastic iPad app at the end of my digital storytelling class last semester and took this opportunity to play around with it. I found it easier to use than other tools I have tried. It has a wide variety of scenes and characters. You can change the colors on Continue reading Make and Share: How D’Arcy Got Involved

Make & Share: Managing & Developing Your Web Presence

For this Make and Share, I turned my notes for a presentation I gave at a conference into a Prezi visual presentation. This was delivered to librarians at the 2014 Alaska Library Association conference. I presented it not as an expert but as a person interested in the topic that researched it and wanted to share what I’d learned with colleagues. This is the presentation that I refer to in my What I Want, Part 1 blog post.