On Failure: Minecraft

This post represents work that I tried to do but didn’t… Though there is no finished product and no formal group organization, efforts were still made and limited group collaboration still happened. Here I will articulate what happened and my reflections on it. This post is part Think About Your Thinking and part failed Work Together. Process In an effort to find a partner or small group for Work Together, I tweeted an open call. Classmates: If anyone wants to Continue reading On Failure: Minecraft

Thinking About Google Spaces

I’ll start by saying I don’t know that this is necessarily a metathink write-up. Maybe this is something else entirely but it seemed to fit best here since I want only to have some wandering thoughts about it. I joined several others in the class to give Google Spaces a try. Though Heidi invited us and created a Wing It assignment out of it, my involvement in the experiment did not reach that level. I joined the group, loosely monitored Continue reading Thinking About Google Spaces

Reflection on Yawp Blog Assignment

Prompt: Reflect on your experience performing one of the required collection activities. What did you find most challenging? What questions remain? Why do you think I required it? What advice would you give a student if you could travel into the future and give them advice? In our Barbaric Blog Yawp post we were tasked with creating a blog post that included a picture of ourselves, links to where we exist online, a meaningful bio, and 2 lists about us. Continue reading Reflection on Yawp Blog Assignment