ED 650: Mobile Services in Academic Libraries

Mobile Services in Academic Libraries: Current Issue Paper 7 It only takes a glance around a public place to see that mobile technology has become ubiquitous. The vast majority of college students have one mobile device or another that they use to connect to the internet. The library edition of the NMC Horizon Report (Johnson, Adams Becker, Estrada, & Freeman, 2015) states that this prevalence of “mobile technology has transformed library patrons’ expectations of when and where they should be Continue reading ED 650: Mobile Services in Academic Libraries

ED 431 Assignment: Mobile Tools

*** Please note that my ED 431 course requires us to post our assignments in draft form for classmates to provide feedback. The following entry is a draft. I encourage all criticisms of content or style. Thank you!*** Smartphones in College Classrooms I got my very first smartphone while in graduate school in 2009. The cell phone prior to that was old and very basic. I could text, call, and while technically it did take pictures, it was a feature Continue reading ED 431 Assignment: Mobile Tools