#HumanMOOC, Unit 1: Instructor Presence

One of the great things about a MOOC is the options you have for flexibility. I’m not sure why I thought I’d have time to take a MOOC over the holidays… I didn’t. I worked partway through week/unit 1 of #HumanMOOC on time in mid-December and finished working through the material just last week after a pause of nearly a month. My primary take-away from this unit is that I’ve learned a lot about instructor presence before this MOOC. In Continue reading #HumanMOOC, Unit 1: Instructor Presence

#HumanMOOC, Take 2

Over 2 years ago, I started a MOOC addressing instructor and social presence in online courses, “Human Element: An Essential Online Course Component” (see my post on this). Ultimately, I had to dial back my involvement in the MOOC and dabble in the content. Today I started the updated version of this MOOC, now called “Humanizing Online Instruction: The #HumanMOOC,” that runs from today through mid-January. I anticipate that most of the course will be review for me based on Continue reading #HumanMOOC, Take 2

ED 650 Discussion: Tech’s Impact on My Learning

Prompt: How do you feel that technology has impacted learning both in and outside of the classroom? My Response: For as long as I can remember, I’ve had what I’d call an insatiable curiosity. I often wonder how something works, what something means, how to do something, etc. — and I simply cannot leave it at wondering and move on. I have to know. The internet has been my best friend as a result. The answers to virtually all of Continue reading ED 650 Discussion: Tech’s Impact on My Learning