A Nousionista’s Journey

Two months ago, I recorded the a rambling personal definition of digital citizenship. How has my definition evolved? How did I grow and learn this semester? What impacts will it have on my life and work? I’ve captured my thoughts on video. Sidenote: How is it that the 3 still image options YouTube gives you from your video are consistently among the least flattering frames??

A Note to Future Nousionauts

Dear future ED654 students (aka Nousionauts, Nousioneers, Nousionistas, etc.): If you are still deciding whether or not you want to take this class, I encourage you to go for it. No matter whether you are naturally open or shoot for anonymity; whether you know a lot about the elements of digital citizenship or next to nothing; whether you see the value in online engagement or not — this class is right for you. Whether you teach formally or informally; directly Continue reading A Note to Future Nousionauts

Exploring the ADA

This post outlines a series of my explorations into the Americans with Disabilities Act and related topics, particularly as they relate to education. What is the ADA? Title II? Section 504? Source cited in video: The PEER Project Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Accommodations I like the succinct, clear way that the University of Louisiana at Lafayette summarizes reasonable and unreasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations might include additional time for test-taking, alternate formats for texts, note-taking services, sign language interpreters, or reduced course. Continue reading Exploring the ADA