Wing It: Be the Media

Task: Attend a newsworthy event. Broadcast the event online in some fashion (live-streaming video, live tweeting, taking photographs to pair later with your write-up of the event, etc.). Then attempt to locate mainstream media coverage of the event. Demonstrate or articulate how the mainstream media accounts are similar or different from what is conveyed in your coverage of the event. Not-so-secret objective(s): 1) Explore the way media reports events using real life experience. 2) Encourage involvement as a digital citizen. Continue reading Wing It: Be the Media

ED 654: Collection 3, Intellectual Property

The following items make up my Collection 3. Required Work Is intellectual property a legal right? Collaborate a Little – Included as part of the following Make & Share (see linked shared document within blog post) Make & Share: Group Work Infographic Fair Use in Teaching Why I’m CC-BY My Choice Work Make & Share: Group Work Infographic Make & Share: GotS Directory On Failure: Minecraft Wing It: Spread Openness

Fair Use in Teaching

Here is an example of a lesson/assignment I created that incorporates fair use of copyrighted materials. In order for distance students to be able to explore examples of different print source types, we linked to (where possible) and scanned examples. The first four linked items are actually attachment scans (popular magazines and academic journals). Purpose Despite the fact that it is openly viewable on the web, the scans were made for a purely educational purpose. There is no profit being Continue reading Fair Use in Teaching