Why I’m CC-BY

I am open by default with my work. My entire website/blog is CC-BY licensed. My Guide to Finding OER is CC-BY licensed. The slides I made about intellectual property is CC-BY licensed. The OER infographic I revised for this class is CC-BY licensed. Even the LS 101 course I helped develop is CC-BY licensed. I did not add a CC license to any of my works for the purpose of this assignment because I already do that. However, an explanation Continue reading Why I’m CC-BY

Wing It: Spread Openness

Task: Create something that encourages others to learn about Creative Commons or to use/create open works. Not-so-secret objective: Use what you have learned to increase awareness of Creative Commons, contribute to the body of open work, or make use of open materials — basically to spread the idea and practice of openness. In October 2015, I made a LibGuide detailing how to find open educational resources (OER) for faculty at University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, and beyond. (LibGuides Continue reading Wing It: Spread Openness

On Failure: Minecraft

This post represents work that I tried to do but didn’t… Though there is no finished product and no formal group organization, efforts were still made and limited group collaboration still happened. Here I will articulate what happened and my reflections on it. This post is part Think About Your Thinking and part failed Work Together. Process In an effort to find a partner or small group for Work Together, I tweeted an open call. Classmates: If anyone wants to Continue reading On Failure: Minecraft