ED 650: Open-Source Software

Open-Source Software: Current Issue Paper 6 Open-source software is software that is licensed for anyone to use, “study, modify, and distribute… free of charge” (Corbly, 2014, p. 66). Both the software and the code behind it is openly shared. Oftentimes, open-source software is developed and improved collaboratively by interested individuals worldwide, typically resulting in a program that is better and more reliable than one would expect from a single developer or team of developers. There are certain open-source software that Continue reading ED 650: Open-Source Software

ED 650: OER and Libraries

Open Educational Resources and Libraries: ED 650 Current Issue Paper 2 Though open educational resources (OER) are anything but new, their rate of adoption in higher education in the United States has only just reached a tipping point, according to Dr. Cable Green (2015), a leading force in the OER movement. They have reached a point where they will no longer be at the periphery, with an instructor here or there adopting them, but will become central to conversations of Continue reading ED 650: OER and Libraries