Wing It: Be the Media

Task: Attend a newsworthy event. Broadcast the event online in some fashion (live-streaming video, live tweeting, taking photographs to pair later with your write-up of the event, etc.). Then attempt to locate mainstream media coverage of the event. Demonstrate or articulate how the mainstream media accounts are similar or different from what is conveyed in your coverage of the event. Not-so-secret objective(s): 1) Explore the way media reports events using real life experience. 2) Encourage involvement as a digital citizen. Continue reading Wing It: Be the Media

Bernie Delegates’ Protest at the DNC

This is a political post. Please feel free to skip reading this post if politics isn’t your cup of tea! I am not posting this to initiate conversations about one candidate or another. Rather, I am using this experience of mine as a demonstration of the need for critical thinking about the news we watch or read as well as the need to get our news from a variety of sources, including alternative (one of my favorites is The Young Continue reading Bernie Delegates’ Protest at the DNC