#HumanMOOC, Take 2

Over 2 years ago, I started a MOOC addressing instructor and social presence in online courses, “Human Element: An Essential Online Course Component” (see my post on this). Ultimately, I had to dial back my involvement in the MOOC and dabble in the content. Today I started the updated version of this MOOC, now called “Humanizing Online Instruction: The #HumanMOOC,” that runs from today through mid-January. I anticipate that most of the course will be review for me based on Continue reading #HumanMOOC, Take 2

ED 650: Overcoming Barriers to Tech Adoption

Overcoming Barriers to Instructional Technology Adoption: ED 650 Current Issue Paper 3 Library faculty have a wide range of technology skills and comfort levels. It can be challenging to work effectively with faculty who fall on the less-skilled and less-comfortable end of the spectrum when the projects involve technology. They use technology exactly as much as they have to to get by and do not seek to adopt new technologies, regardless of its potential positive impact on student learning. Both Continue reading ED 650: Overcoming Barriers to Tech Adoption

ED 650 Discussion: Tech’s Impact on My Learning

Prompt: How do you feel that technology has impacted learning both in and outside of the classroom? My Response: For as long as I can remember, I’ve had what I’d call an insatiable curiosity. I often wonder how something works, what something means, how to do something, etc. — and I simply cannot leave it at wondering and move on. I have to know. The internet has been my best friend as a result. The answers to virtually all of Continue reading ED 650 Discussion: Tech’s Impact on My Learning