My Goals for Social Media MOOC

While reading the blog of another MOOC student (Twitter: @cathleennardi; Cathleen’s Blog), it occured to me that I should document my goals for taking the MOOC in which I am currently participating, Social Media. Though I had in mind why I was interested in the course from the start, I think it’s worth articulating and sharing them here. I alluded to these goals in my original MOOC post. Initial Goals 1. See what this whole MOOC thing is all about. Continue reading My Goals for Social Media MOOC

… And then I really joined Twitter

In November 2010, I started an account on Twitter just to see what the fuss was about. I poked around a bit but ultimately decided that, though it was a tool that many found valuable, I wasn’t personally interested. Since then, I revisited Twitter a few times while at conferences using official conference and session hashtags to post and follow the conversation (but not following specific people). I did (and do) appreciate the extra dimension it added to the conference Continue reading … And then I really joined Twitter