ED 650: Is Interactivity Worth the Cost?

Is Interactivity Worth the Cost of Flashy Technology? ED 650 Current Issue Paper 4 One of my major long-term goals as an instructional design librarian is to lead an ongoing project to develop tutorials for library users on a variety of topics (such as searching the library catalog, searching particular databases, placing holds or interlibrary loan requests, etc.). Over the past 15 years or so, library tutorials have taken many forms from screenshots with text to screencasts to interactive tutorials. Continue reading ED 650: Is Interactivity Worth the Cost?

ED 432 Assignment: Screencasts

Assignment: Create 3 screencasts demonstrating related computer-based tasks. For my screencasts, I elected to continue the theme of providing training videos for my staff at the UAA Learning Resources Center. In this series, clerks learn how to check items out, check items in, and pay a fine in our library software system, Symphony WorkFlows. I plan to use the videos when we train our new clerk(s) in January. Checking Items Out Checking Items In Paying a Fine Back in April, Continue reading ED 432 Assignment: Screencasts

ED 653 Assignment: Accessible Learning Object

You may also view the original post with my classmates’ comments on the ED 653 Course Website. “Create one page of text and graphics or one multimedia element that fits within your online learning module… Write an accompanying explanation to substantiate how your design addresses issues of accessibility.” You may view my accessible video on YouTube using this link: http://youtu.be/RalX_r9ss1E In an effort to adhere to principles of universal design, I designed this video to utilize open captioning, reduce distractions, and Continue reading ED 653 Assignment: Accessible Learning Object