My Storytelling Journey (A Mashup)

View transcript Remix/Mashup To me a remix is a remake of a piece of media that keeps the essence of the work while changing select aspects of it. A mashup is piece of media that is created using content from a number of different places. When I went out to explore definitions of these words, I was surprised that most definitions didn’t match up with mine. Most references to remixes were about music exclusively. Definitions of mash-ups seemed very specifically Continue reading My Storytelling Journey (A Mashup)

Participatory Storytelling

The Participatory Storytelling Experience For this unit, my classmates, instructor, and I engaged in a group storytelling endeavor using Twitter. We each contributed additions to the story one tweet at a time, and were therefore given just 132 characters (8 characters were reserved for the official story hashtag). No one could post 2 consecutive tweets. Our instructor provided the initial tweet as a story-starter and off we went! We tweeted open invitations for anyone following us to participate in the Continue reading Participatory Storytelling

Cultural Storytelling (or, Changing Depictions of Motherhood?)

Please see my Storify embedded below! Be sure to click the “read next page” button when prompted to view the whole story. [View the story “Changing Depictions of Motherhood?” on Storify] Curation Through Storify Debrief I already use curation tools (Diigo, Pinterest) but appreciated learning a new tool, Storify, in the process of completing this assignment. There was a lot I liked about the tool (drag and drop functionality, ease of use, ease of embedding in several formats including slideshow) Continue reading Cultural Storytelling (or, Changing Depictions of Motherhood?)