ED 650: Overcoming Barriers to Tech Adoption

Overcoming Barriers to Instructional Technology Adoption: ED 650 Current Issue Paper 3 Library faculty have a wide range of technology skills and comfort levels. It can be challenging to work effectively with faculty who fall on the less-skilled and less-comfortable end of the spectrum when the projects involve technology. They use technology exactly as much as they have to to get by and do not seek to adopt new technologies, regardless of its potential positive impact on student learning. Both Continue reading ED 650: Overcoming Barriers to Tech Adoption

ED 432 Assignment: Screencasts

Assignment: Create 3 screencasts demonstrating related computer-based tasks. For my screencasts, I elected to continue the theme of providing training videos for my staff at the UAA Learning Resources Center. In this series, clerks learn how to check items out, check items in, and pay a fine in our library software system, Symphony WorkFlows. I plan to use the videos when we train our new clerk(s) in January. Checking Items Out Checking Items In Paying a Fine Back in April, Continue reading ED 432 Assignment: Screencasts

ED 432 Assignment: Video Creation & Editing

Assignment: Create 3 brief, related instructional videos. Include music, a title, a still, narration, and video in each. When I began this assignment, I wondered why on earth we needed to do three of these videos. Quality video creation takes much, much longer than you would think when you are viewing the complete version. Scripting, story boarding, recording, creating stills, editing, and putting together all of the elements — it all takes time. I took an video and audio creation/editing Continue reading ED 432 Assignment: Video Creation & Editing