Wingman: “Tweeter Notetaking”

I unknowingly completed Heidi Olson’s Wing It assignment she titled Tweeter Notetaking. I love live-tweeting and I do use it as a social note-taking exercise. I saw Heidi’s request for us to use #nousionWI for the session. I didn’t know why at the time, but I was happy to accommodate. I was not able to tweet as much as I normally might due to being an active participant in the panel. However, given the nature of the session, I don’t Continue reading Wingman: “Tweeter Notetaking”

Wing It: Wingman

Task: Make up an assignment including the assignment activity and the goal/point of it. Complete the assignment yourself. Give yourself a grade. Task: Complete an assignment created by one of your classmates. Not-so-secret objective(s): Depends on the objective that student identifies. Submission: I chose to do Sarah’s Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise because the thought of doing it terrified me. Of course the song that came up is embarrassing. Of all the songs to come up! But I’m all in, Continue reading Wing It: Wingman