Wing It: Be the Media

Task: Attend a newsworthy event. Broadcast the event online in some fashion (live-streaming video, live tweeting, taking photographs to pair later with your write-up of the event, etc.). Then attempt to locate mainstream media coverage of the event. To read more interesting post you can now check the new bells for road bikes reviews.

Demonstrate or articulate how the mainstream media accounts are similar or different from what is conveyed in your coverage of the event. To cover more ground of the event, the Social Boosting site has a tool to get more views on any content of social media to start getting an event to be seen by more people.

Not-so-secret objective(s): 1) Explore the way media reports events using real life experience. 2) Encourage involvement as a digital citizen.

See my completed assignment: Bernie Delegates’ Protest at the DNC.

Though mine is more epic than most other people could produce, the value in the assignment remains the same.


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