Wing It: Become a (Super)model

Prompt: Make up an assignment including the assignment activity and the goal/point of it. Complete the assignment yourself. Give yourself a grade.

Become a (Super)model

Task: Find a way to actively engage in being a digital citizen in a public way. It should be an activity that is outside of your norm.

Not-so-secret objective(s): 1) Encourage learning about digital citizenship by engaging in it. 2) Model good digital citizenship for others.

I chose to become a (super)model by answering calls for participation on Twitter and engaging in online conversations via video.

I answered Autumm Caines’ (@Autumm) call to do an online meet-up with Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampbell) as part of a Virtual Connecting event (@VConnecting) at the New Media Consortium conference (#NMC16). I had learned of Virtual Connecting and the conference buddy system a while back but hadn’t done anything with it. Since we were assigned a reading and video by Gardner, I thought it was a great opportunity that tied to this Nousion/digital citizenship course in several ways. You may view the meet-up below. We met live on video together in Google Hangouts and had some great discussion. It was also broadcast live and recorded.

When I was looking at other scheduled meet-ups, I saw one with Bryan Alexander for later in the day. I know him from my ONID digital storytelling class so didn’t want to miss it. Here is the recording of that one.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also responded to Alan Levine’s (@cogdog) call for video responses to the question, What if there was a Creative Commons certification? Here is my response.

Grade: 20/20

4 Replies to “Wing It: Become a (Super)model”

  1. Wow. This is above and beyond (and easily counts for more than 10 points…like all things, I’m flexible with points and primarily have them just to help establish a baseline)!

    We are kindred spirits in CC and OER … yet I honestly hadn’t thought about the fact that a CC certification might add credibility in my efforts to facilitate use of CC licenses and OERs by faculty here.

    The videos remind me of how fun NMC was. Some years ago that was where I met Gardner and Bryan together…my first face-to-face meeting with either!

  2. Nicely done D’Arcy. Ever the lurker, I misunderstood that call to actually be on the online meet-up and I wondered how you had made the connect to be included in the live meeting. I guess I thought the overall event would be more like a hangout where you could ask questions. If that option was available, I didn’t see it. I heard mention that twitter talk was going on but I didn’t follow it.

    I too have @cogdog’s request open in one of my tabs and have been thinking about creating something to share with him. You’ve provided a good example.

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