Wing It: Keep It Going

Task: Reply in a meaningful, substantial way to at least 2 comments that have been made on your blog posts. Posts may be from the current collection or any previous collection and must be posts made specifically for this course.

Not-so-secret objective: To encourage you to read the comments others leave for you and reflect on them. Also to keep the conversations around course content going.

I replied to comments on these blog posts, among others:

Make & Share: How D’Arcy Got Involved

What is Digital Citizenship?

Reflections on the Beginnings…

Grade: 10/10

2 Replies to “Wing It: Keep It Going”

  1. Hello! I know this is an older post but I like that this theme of making true connections and not just checking off boxes and meeting quotas of comments. I noticed that you made this post relatively early into the course, while our classmate Leanna made a similar post/request near the end. It makes me wonder if perhaps you have taken other online courses before that you thought this might become an issue? Thanks!!!

  2. I like this…because of the objective of the activity and because I love when Nousionauts come up with activities that embrace connection and commenting without me having to try to force it from the top down. And I appreciate your direct links to your own comments. Now, I’m off to read them…

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