Wing It: Make It Accessible

Task: An essential component of being a responsible and compassionate “digital citizen” (and educator) is making sure that your works are accessible to an audience whose abilities fall across the spectrum. For this assignment, go out of your way to make your materials more universally accessible. This could entail creating accurate closed captions for your video in YouTube (if using auto caption, go through and correct them), providing an accurate transcript of your audio recording, going back to your recent blog posts and adding alt-text to your images and/or making your links more accessible, using built-in styles for proper heading structure in documents (see the “Headings” section on the linked page), or something else. Create a post that links to your completed work and describe what you did to make things more accessible. Use the tag makeitaccessible for your post.

Not-so-secret objective(s): To encourage you to think about accessibility and improve your skills for making materials more accessible.

For this assignment, I made my prior infographic accessible within my blog post. This was not as simple as copy/paste because I used so many text boxes to create the desired look for the infographic. I transcribed the content and tried to use a structure for presenting the information that I thought would be most friendly to screen readers.

In addition to this, I have done my best to do all of the things listed under “Task” above in all my work for this course.

Score: 10 points

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