Wing It: Wingman

Task: Make up an assignment including the assignment activity and the goal/point of it. Complete the assignment yourself. Give yourself a grade.

Task: Complete an assignment created by one of your classmates.

Not-so-secret objective(s): Depends on the objective that student identifies.


I chose to do Sarah’s Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise because the thought of doing it terrified me. Of course the song that came up is embarrassing. Of all the songs to come up! But I’m all in, so here it is honestly.

Wobble by V.I.C., 5:24

Lindsay burst through the doors of the club, dragging her girlfriends behind her. She had heard the song come on all the way from the street, the bass so deep that, if you didn’t know better, you’d swear the walls were bowing outward from the effort of containing it.

“Get in there!” The song seemed to encourage her to move faster.

“It’s my song!” Lindsay called back to Naomi and Kara, who were only slightly less excited to get to the dance floor. She hadn’t danced to this song for — what, a year? Dancing to this song was one of the few times that she felt completely comfortable in her plus-size skin. For this song, she was the queen of the dance floor. She shook her hips, fluffed her hair, and sang along with unbridled enthusiasm.

Naomi and Kara loved seeing her let loose like this. They had seen it a lot less often recently since Lindsay’s sister had died the year prior. Though she’d always been a curvy girl, Lindsay had put on a lot of extra weight after Amanda’s death due to comfort eating and a lack of desire to leave her apartment.

As the DJ expertly wove a new song into the end of Lindsay’s song, she waved the girls over to the open door to the balcony to cool off in the New Orleans spring breeze.

“You know, my sister loved to dance. She would have loved this place! We need to do this more often.” Kara noted that Lindsay kept her smile — something she hadn’t seen Lindsay do when talking about her sister since she was alive. Her eyes met Naomi’s and she knew that Naomi saw it too.

Lindsay was back. They grabbed her hands and pulled her back to the dance floor.

My grade: 10 points of 10 (of course)



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