A Nousionista’s Journey

Two months ago, I recorded the a rambling personal definition of digital citizenship. How has my definition evolved? How did I grow and learn this semester? What impacts will it have on my life and work? I’ve captured my thoughts on video. Sidenote: How is it that the 3 still image options YouTube gives you from your video are consistently among the least flattering frames??

A Note to Future Nousionauts

Dear future ED654 students (aka Nousionauts, Nousioneers, Nousionistas, etc.): If you are still deciding whether or not you want to take this class, I encourage you to go for it. No matter whether you are naturally open or shoot for anonymity; whether you know a lot about the elements of digital citizenship or next to nothing; whether you see the value in online engagement or not — this class is right for you. Whether you teach formally or informally; directly Continue reading A Note to Future Nousionauts

ED 654: Collection 4, Accessibility

Required Assignments Exploring the ADA ADA Questions I Have Choice Assignments Bernie Delegates’ Protest at the DNC The above project took an obscene amount of time and work: filming, editing, painstakingly creating closed captions, researching external examples, and putting it all together. It fulfills 4 new and old “choice” assignments: 1. Become a (Super)Model (because I model being an online citizen by sharing important parts of real-life citizenship online). 2. Make it Accessible (because of the extensive work adding subtitles). Continue reading ED 654: Collection 4, Accessibility