ED 650: Mobile Services in Academic Libraries

Mobile Services in Academic Libraries: Current Issue Paper 7 It only takes a glance around a public place to see that mobile technology has become ubiquitous. The vast majority of college students have one mobile device or another that they use to connect to the internet. The library edition of the NMC Horizon Report (Johnson, Adams Becker, Estrada, & Freeman, 2015) states that this prevalence of “mobile technology has transformed library patrons’ expectations of when and where they should be Continue reading ED 650: Mobile Services in Academic Libraries

ED 650: Open-Source Software

Open-Source Software: Current Issue Paper 6 Open-source software is software that is licensed for anyone to use, “study, modify, and distribute… free of charge” (Corbly, 2014, p. 66). Both the software and the code behind it is openly shared. Oftentimes, open-source software is developed and improved collaboratively by interested individuals worldwide, typically resulting in a program that is better and more reliable than one would expect from a single developer or team of developers. There are certain open-source software that Continue reading ED 650: Open-Source Software

ED 650: GotS, A New Alternative

Guide on the Side: A New Alternative for Interactive Tutorial Creation ED 650 Current Issue Paper 5 While researching of interactivity of tutorials in fall 2014, I discovered an emerging technology in the form of a specific tool for tutorial creation that I found very exciting. Guide on the Side (GotS) is an open-source software program created by librarians at University of Arizona. Sult, Mery, Blakiston, and Kline (2013) describe GotS as a frame that overlays onto any website (such Continue reading ED 650: GotS, A New Alternative