ED 653 Assignment: Graphic

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“Create an original graphic for use in instruction. Examples might include a diagram, a photo, an annotated screen shot, or a course banner. [Use a tool you haven’t used before to create it.]”

My Post:

Boolean Operators

Please click the link above to view my graphic. It is designed for use in a presentation or screen cast video (such as a VoiceThread or Captivate). Along with my verbal explanation, it shows how the use of Boolean operators will impact search results.

After trying LucidChart (very cool tool), Creately (also very cool but only 5 free images can be created), Microsoft Word SmartArt feature, online Paint-type tools, and Microsoft Publisher. I ultimately used Microsoft Powerpoint to create this. I had a great deal of difficulty making this image because the various tools would not allow me to do color fill to the select parts that I needed to. Had these been normal Venn diagrams, I would have no issue at all (and the first three sources above would have been fantastic)! Though I have used Powerpoint before, I have never used these particular sub-tools before. It was also not at all obvious and required searching and reading many help files and forums, as well as watching YouTube demonstrations (once I knew what to search for) before I was able to generate the graphic. What I really wanted to do was to just use Paint as I knew how to do it using that tool.

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