ED 653 Assignment: Tool Evaluation (Screencasts)

You may also view the original post with my classmates’ comments on the ED 653 Course Website.

“The current assignment—critical evaluation of tools and methods—is intended to further reinforce your ability to locate, evaluate, and select new tools. It adds a layer of complexity by validating the inclusion of technology based on desired learning outcomes. In instructional design, it’s critical to keep educational goals in mind. Avoid the temptation to incorporate a new tool just because it’s slick or fascinating. Technology should be used because it improves student learning. This assignment seeks to emphasize the intersect between educational goals and technology choices.

Write a five-page evaluation paper. Identify the type of product that you plan to implement, then choose three products of that type to evaluate. For example, you might choose learning management systems as the type, and then evaluate three different  learning management systems (e.g., Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas). Or you might choose blogging software as the type and evaluate three blogging platforms.

In writing your paper, first discuss the rationale for using this type of product in instruction; cite research-based evidence to support your teaching methods. Outline your conclusions about the appropriate tools/methods for achieving desired outcomes.

Next, select at least three tools that might be used for that specific instructional task. Discuss the three options you’ve located, comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of each. Finally, report which tool you’ve selected and summarize the justification for your choice.”

I explored the use of screencasts to create video mini-lectures and database demonstrations. My Tool Evaluation paper is linked here.

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