ED 654: Collection 4, Accessibility

Required Assignments Exploring the ADA ADA Questions I Have Choice Assignments Bernie Delegates’ Protest at the DNC The above project took an obscene amount of time and work: filming, editing, painstakingly creating closed captions, researching external examples, and putting it all together. It fulfills 4 new and old “choice” assignments: 1. Become a (Super)Model (because I model being an online citizen by sharing important parts of real-life citizenship online). 2. Make it Accessible (because of the extensive work adding subtitles). Continue reading ED 654: Collection 4, Accessibility

Exploring the ADA

This post outlines a series of my explorations into the Americans with Disabilities Act and related topics, particularly as they relate to education. What is the ADA? Title II? Section 504? Source cited in video: The PEER Project Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Accommodations I like the succinct, clear way that the University of Louisiana at Lafayette summarizes reasonable and unreasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations might include additional time for test-taking, alternate formats for texts, note-taking services, sign language interpreters, or reduced course. Continue reading Exploring the ADA

ADA Questions I Have

The following are questions I have related to ADA. Do you have answers for me? How are library databases considered accessible when they are virtually impossible to navigate in a meaningful way (conduct searches, evaluate search results, apply limits) using a screen reader? (I tested Academic Search Premier last year with the technician in the campus disability support services office.) I’ve heard that we must never ask someone if they have a disability. Students and other library patrons are supposed Continue reading ADA Questions I Have