ED 654: Collection 4, Accessibility

Required Assignments Exploring the ADA ADA Questions I Have Choice Assignments Bernie Delegates’ Protest at the DNC The above project took an obscene amount of time and work: filming, editing, painstakingly creating closed captions, researching external examples, and putting it all together. It fulfills 4 new and old “choice” assignments: 1. Become a (Super)Model (because I model being an online citizen by sharing important parts of real-life citizenship online). 2. Make it Accessible (because of the extensive work adding subtitles). Continue reading ED 654: Collection 4, Accessibility

ED 654: Collection 3, Intellectual Property

The following items make up my Collection 3. Required Work Is intellectual property a legal right? Collaborate a Little – Included as part of the following Make & Share (see linked shared document within blog post) Make & Share: Group Work Infographic Fair Use in Teaching Why I’m CC-BY My Choice Work Make & Share: Group Work Infographic Make & Share: GotS Directory On Failure: Minecraft Wing It: Spread Openness

ED 654: Collection 2, Digital Citizenship and Literacy

Required Elements What is Digital Citizenship: A Rambling Look at My Personal Definition Exploring Digital Citizenship Reflections on The Beginnings & Personal Cyberinfrastructure Reflections on Belshaw’s “Essential Elements of Digital Literacies” Choice Assignments Wing It: Become a (Super)model Wing It: Keep It Going Wing It: Make It Accessible On Infographics and Accessibility Who to Follow: Cable Green Making Connections (in Coll. 2) Wingman: “Tweeter Notetaking” Thinking About Google Spaces