Exploring Digital Citizenship

Prompt: Locate, explore, and discuss 3 theories, models and curricula of/for digital citizenship. I set out to explore what was available in the way of digital citizenship information targeted toward adult learners, as this is my demographic. I wasn’t interested in curriculum for entire courses on the topic (Since we are in one, I know they exist. Here’s another example.); rather I was interested more in what adults could use for quick self-study or that an instructor might be able Continue reading Exploring Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship: A Rambling Look at My Personal Definition

In which I ramble my way through my own definition of digital citizenship for ED 654. Quick and dirty, I resisted urges to make it flashy or alter it in any way — except I did closed caption it for accessibility because that’s what a good (and aware) digital citizen does — or should strive to do.

ED 654: Collection 1, Geeking Out

The following links bring you to each component of Collection 1. Twitter: @poindekster Yawp: Yawp Metathink: Yawp Twitter What I Really Want: Part 1: Addressing Online Fears Part 2: Is Facebook Dead Part 3: Developing Online Make & Share: Web Presence – Prezi How D’Arcy Got Involved – Toontastic Wing It: Making Connections Wingman