Exploring Digital Citizenship

Prompt: Locate, explore, and discuss 3 theories, models and curricula of/for digital citizenship. I set out to explore what was available in the way of digital citizenship information targeted toward adult learners, as this is my demographic. I wasn’t interested in curriculum for entire courses on the topic (Since we are in one, I know they exist. Here’s another example.); rather I was interested more in what adults could use for quick self-study or that an instructor might be able Continue reading Exploring Digital Citizenship

ED 650: Overcoming Barriers to Tech Adoption

Overcoming Barriers to Instructional Technology Adoption: ED 650 Current Issue Paper 3 Library faculty have a wide range of technology skills and comfort levels. It can be challenging to work effectively with faculty who fall on the less-skilled and less-comfortable end of the spectrum when the projects involve technology. They use technology exactly as much as they have to to get by and do not seek to adopt new technologies, regardless of its potential positive impact on student learning. Both Continue reading ED 650: Overcoming Barriers to Tech Adoption