What is Digital Citizenship: A Rambling Look at My Personal Definition

In which I ramble my way through my own definition of digital citizenship for ED 654. Quick and dirty, I resisted urges to make it flashy or alter it in any way — except I did closed caption it for accessibility because that’s what a good (and aware) digital citizen does — or should strive to do.

My Storytelling Journey (A Mashup)

View transcript Remix/Mashup To me a remix is a remake of a piece of media that keeps the essence of the work while changing select aspects of it. A mashup is piece of media that is created using content from a number of different places. When I went out to explore definitions of these words, I was surprised that most definitions didn’t match up with mine. Most references to remixes were about music exclusively. Definitions of mash-ups seemed very specifically Continue reading My Storytelling Journey (A Mashup)

Participatory Storytelling

The Participatory Storytelling Experience For this unit, my classmates, instructor, and I engaged in a group storytelling endeavor using Twitter. We each contributed additions to the story one tweet at a time, and were therefore given just 132 characters (8 characters were reserved for the official story hashtag). No one could post 2 consecutive tweets. Our instructor provided the initial tweet as a story-starter and off we went! We tweeted open invitations for anyone following us to participate in the Continue reading Participatory Storytelling