Reflection on Twitter Assignment

Prompt: Reflect on your experience performing one of the required collection activities. What did you find most challenging? What questions remain? Why do you think I required it? What advice would you give a student if you could travel into the future and give them advice? This assignment tasked us with setting up a Twitter account (if we didn’t already have one), posting a tweet, following the instructor, and using the direct message feature. I can’t exactly reflect on my Continue reading Reflection on Twitter Assignment

ED 650 Discussion: Wait, podcasts still exist?

Prompt: Which podcasts or weekly subscriptions do you listen/subscribe to? If you don’t subscribe to a topic – why not? What are the potential uses for integrating weekly podcasts into a learning environment? My Response: I do not presently listen to any podcasts and I have to say that I personally see them as inferior to other methods of knowledge distribution. I have always struggled with strictly audio learning (such as listening to a lecture) and podcasts are just that. Continue reading ED 650 Discussion: Wait, podcasts still exist?

The diversification of my PLN via Twitter

A quick post to follow-up on my last blog post. In a week I have gone from having a dozen Twitter followers (nearly all classmates at UAF required to follow me for class) to 73. I’ve moved from following maybe 20 people — and never actually looking at what they post — to following 166 people carefully selected based on the content they create. (See more on my Twitter (re)Awakening here.) I went looking into the data on my Twitter Continue reading The diversification of my PLN via Twitter