Wing It: Spread Openness

Task: Create something that encourages others to learn about Creative Commons or to use/create open works. Not-so-secret objective: Use what you have learned to increase awareness of Creative Commons, contribute to the body of open work, or make use of open materials — basically to spread the idea and practice of openness. In October 2015, I made a LibGuide detailing how to find open educational resources (OER) for faculty at University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, and beyond. (LibGuides Continue reading Wing It: Spread Openness

Wing It: Make It Accessible

Task: An essential component of being a responsible and compassionate “digital citizen” (and educator) is making sure that your works are accessible to an audience whose abilities fall across the spectrum. For this assignment, go out of your way to make your materials more universally accessible. This could entail creating accurate closed captions for your video in YouTube (if using auto caption, go through and correct them), providing an accurate transcript of your audio recording, going back to your recent Continue reading Wing It: Make It Accessible

Wing It: Keep It Going

Task: Reply in a meaningful, substantial way to at least 2 comments that have been made on your blog posts. Posts may be from the current collection or any previous collection and must be posts made specifically for this course. Not-so-secret objective: To encourage you to read the comments others leave for you and reflect on them. Also to keep the conversations around course content going. I replied to comments on these blog posts, among others: Make & Share: How Continue reading Wing It: Keep It Going