What I want from ED 654, Part 2

Prompt: Tell us about something you want to learn in this class. It can be a specific concept, a skill, a broad concept, a philosophy…whatever you choose, tell us a little about what you already know and share some links to illustrate what you are talking about.

I’ve heard people say that Facebook is no longer the big thing (despite the fact that it seems like everyone is on it and there’s a ton of activity) and others say that Facebook is now seen as the thing for old people (I’m old now, apparently. When did that happen?). So the second thing I’d like to find out during this course is, where is everyone going? Are Facebook’s numbers really drastically down or is it that people are just adding on other social media tools? And is it just the very young that are abandoning Facebook? Kids are cool but other than my 21-year-old niece, I don’t really have anyone else her age or younger that I am dying to stay connected to. That said, I do try to keep a finger on these sorts of trends and would like to know the current social media trends.

What I know is that it still seems like the majority of Americans are there. Facebook stats are pretty impressive.

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  1. My young friends say Instagram is the new facebook. I’ve keep saying I need to add it to my PLE but I just haven’t had the time or I lack the motivation.

    • I explored it a couple years ago and just didn’t see the value to me. I need to give it another look, though, because I also said that about Twitter!

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