Wingman: “Tweeter Notetaking”

I unknowingly completed Heidi Olson’s Wing It assignment she titled Tweeter Notetaking. I love live-tweeting and I do use it as a social note-taking exercise.

I saw Heidi’s request for us to use #nousionWI for the session. I didn’t know why at the time, but I was happy to accommodate. I was not able to tweet as much as I normally might due to being an active participant in the panel. However, given the nature of the session, I don’t know that I would have tweeted much more than I did because it was more conversational and not directly relevant to my needs.

In exploring Heidi’s assignment, I learned about Twitter Archiver, a google sheets add-on for archiving tweets. I will definitely use that in the future!

Score: 5 of 10 because I did it on accident and made minimal contributions

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  1. I don’t think you should dock yourself…you should add serendipity points!

    I *really* enjoy peoples’ live-tweeting, even from conferences and events I’m at…even from the same sessions I am in!

    I have experienced some people who’ve unfollowed me because of the volume of such tweets, but it’s valuable enough that I don’t care.

    One of my sideline interests is in notetaking and cognition. Live-tweeting obviously fills a useful role for both the notetaker and those who couldn’t be there, offboarding memory. But I wonder, if this were something you were devising as an activity, what other pedagogical effects might you note and/or promote? For instance, good live-tweeting requires quick synthesis and more writing skills than many might think…on top of choosing the best things to share, wrangling links and other resources at the same time, etc.

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